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Cupcake Decorations




Cupcakes are now very fashionable and are no longer resigned to children’s parties or tea time treats with it being very common to find cupcakes replacing the traditional cake. A good example of this is weddings, where bride and grooms are increasingly choosing to have a cupcake tower stand, where each guest gets their own mini wedding cake! One of the major reasons why wedding cupcakes are becoming more popular is the fact that flavoured sponge cakes are now increasingly preferred to the traditional fruit cake.

One of the most popular flavours of cupcake is chocolate are there are hundreds of recipes to try. As well as chocolate flavoured sponge you can also have a real chocolate ganache topping and chocolate sprinkles. Talk about death by chocolate!

There isn’t really a season or event that doesn’t lend itself to cupcakes. Valentine ’s Day, Easter and Halloween are some of the most popular holidays to create some fun themed cupcakes for kids and adults alike! To assist you in this there are lots of specific themed cupcake cases, wrappers and sprinkles such as Easter bunny rabbit sugar cake decorations, ghost shaped sprinkles and red love heart cupcake wrappers.