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While many cupcakes may not last long enough to be transported or stored anywhere there are still times when you may need to be able to safely transport your cupcakes such as to a party or if giving as a gift. There are many boxes available in numerous designs which can help do just that which means your individual cupcakes arrive in perfect condition. These cardboard cupcake boxes differ from regular Tupperware boxes or even wedding cake boxes by having a cut out insert which slots in side meaning the cupcakes are held in place and are not able to move around, squashing the buttercream or decorations. Most also have a clear, see through window at the top so recipients can see what they have without having to open the box.

Cupcake boxes can range from small little ones to larger multiple cupcake ones, though 4, 6 and 8 are the most common sizes. Most of the cupcake boxes you can buy are made of cardboard, but if you are after something larger and more robust, that can be used again and again then there are specific cupcake ‘caddys’ on the market, which are generally much larger and are made of plastic with a carrying handle for easy transportation. Contact us for wholesale bulk prices on cupcakes boxes in the UK.

There are lots of cupcake boxes available to either present your cupcakes in, such as for a gift or to transport or store your cupcakes in. Whichever box you need there are lots of sizes, designs and patterns to suit your needs. Regardless of style, the one thing they do all have in common is that they have an insert. This is a piece of cardboard which has holes cut in so that each cupcake is held in place, away from the others which stops them getting damaged or the icing squashed.

There are lots of boxes on the market from pretty patterned ones with clear windows which would be great for giving as a birthday present or gift to plainer more robust boxes which makes transporting them a lot easier. For most boxes they come flat packed and are easy to assemble with no glue needed, so storing them is really easy. You can buy boxes that hold a single cupcake up to about 12 cupcakes in one box.

// Cupcake Box Questions

1. How can I make the boxes prettier as it’s for a gift?

Firstly look around and find a box you like that will go well with your cupcakes. One with a window is always nice as the recipient can see the cupcakes without having to open the box. You can also tie a nice piece of ribbon around the box and tie in a bow.

2. Where can I buy the boxes from?

The best place to buy the boxes is from online cupcake stores or cake decorating supplies shops who all generally stock a wide range of boxes in different sizes and patterns.