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Cupcake cases are approximately the same size as muffin cases, though any standard size case (also known as fairy bun cases) could be used.

There are two main types of cupcake case either a disposable paper based case (which is the most common) or re-usable silicone ones. The benefit of the paper ones are that they come in many different colours and patterns, and good quality ones will keep their colour when baked, so that the case can add colour and impact to your cupcake. Silicone cases are designed to be re-used every time, and generally come in bright colours, so they can be used like a paper case, but can be washed and used again. Great for if you bake lots!

As well as cupcake cases there is also an increasingly large number of wrappers available. These decorative strips are designed to wrap around the cupcake (over the case) and provide a lovely finishing touch. Although not cheap, you could if you were careful re-use them, but for occasions such as christenings, birthdays or weddings they make ordinary cupcakes extraordinary!

Cases are an essential requirement when making cupcakes but which can also add a pretty finishing touch to your little cake creation. Cases come in paper, foil or silicone varieties, with paper being the most popular. Cases also come in a variety of sizes such as mini, standard or giant, though traditionally a cupcake should come in a standard size case.

Cupcake cases come in hundreds of different colours and patterns as well as different sizes and sometimes shapes. So there is always sure to be something which meets your needs or your occasion. Like with the cake decorations and sprinkles there are lots of cupcake cases designed with a specific occasion in mind like Easter or Christmas.

Though whichever paper case you buy always try and but a good quality, greaseproof one which will mean the fat in your cupcake batter won’t seep through the paper and spoil the pattern / colour.

// Questions about Cases

1. Where can I buy the standard cake cases from?

Most supermarkets are now stocking a range of cupcake cases. If you can’t find any specific cupcake ones then use a muffin case. A larger selection of sprinkles can be found in good cookware shops, online cupcake supply retailers and from good cake decorating shops.

2. Why are the silicone cases so expensive?

The silicone cases are designed to be used again so you will get lots of use out of them, and no muffin pan is needed. They are also dishwasher safe so really easy to use. They also look great when baked as they keep their vibrant colour. You can also get some really fun silicone cases for the kids which look like animals, which you can then decorate your cupcake in the same way.