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Blueberry Kisses Recipe

Wouldn't these be perfect for a christening or first birthday? This recipe shows you how to make sweet little flower decorations with icing sugar and a little creativity.

The pink and whites may be more suited to a little girls christening but you can alternate with any colouring preferences you might have. The flowers may need a little concentration and perseverance but practice definitely makes perfect so why not give it a go?

Makes 12 Cupcakes | Baking Time: 20 mins


150 g plain flour
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
55 g butter , softened
115 g caster sugar
½ vanilla extract
1 egg , beaten
125 ml buttermilk
100 g blueberries
Lilac paste food colouring
yellow paste food colouring
170g/6oz unsalted butter
170g cream cheese
500g/1lb 2oz icing sugar
Rolling pin
Thick piece of foam and a thin piece
Flower shaped fondant/gum paste cutters
Tooth picks
A ball modelling tool
A little bit of butter
Gum paste
Paste food colouring – in any colours you like
12 hole muffin / cupcake tray
1m piping nozzle
Nylon piping bag and palette knife
Mixing bowl
12 cupcake cases
Whisk or spoon

Strawberry Delight

• Pre-heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4.

•  In the mixing bowl, sift the flour, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda together.

•  Once that is done, Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Now add the vanilla essence, egg and a spoonful of flour and mix.

•  Add a third of the flour along with a third of the buttermilk and mix again. Continue this process again until you have used all the flour and buttermilk.

•  Place the paper cupcake cases into a muffin/cupcake tray and divide the mixture between them. Then divide the blueberries evenly between the cakes scattering them on top of the cake mix.

•  Place them in the preheated oven and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden and springy to the touch. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for the first few minutes and then transfer to a wire rack to cool fully before you decorate them.

•  For the cream topping, whisk up the cream to form soft peaks. Once that's done add your whipped cream to your piping bag with a star nozzle, do this with a spoon or spatula.

•  Fill the bag half to two-thirds full and then unfold the top of the bag. Do not fill the bag too full.

•  To prevent the frosting from squeezing out the top of the bag, twist or roll down the top of the bag tightly against the frosting

•  When piping, hold the bag so the tip is at the angle indicated for the technique. Then, gently squeeze to force the frosting out, using even pressure while guiding the tip. Do not loosen your grip on the twisted end or the cream will begin to push up and out of the top of the bag.

•  To create the pink icing effect, you will need to 1M nozzle. Start at one edge of your cupcake and move from left to right, to right to left in a continuous motion until you are at the opposite edge.

•  For the cream coloured topping, so spoon the icing out onto the cupcakes, dividing it equally between them, and then use a palette knife which you've dipped in hot water to spread it out .

How to make gum paste flowers –

•  Take a piece of your gum paste and knead it until it's easy to shape.

•  If it feels sticky or too stiff to work with, this is where you can add a little butter to soften it up a bit.

•  Dip a tooth pick into one of the gel colours and dab into the middle of the gum paste. Start off with a small drop, you can always add more if you wish to darken to colour along the way.

•  Knead thoroughly until the colour is fully immersed and the gum paste ball is all one even colour.

•  Now you can roll out your gum paste. You can do this on a clean and dry work surface.

•  Gum paste can be rolled until its very thin to make impressive realistic flowers but you may want to keep it a little thicker until you get the hang of it.

•  With the flower shape cutter, stamp out some flowers

•  Cut out how many flowers you desire and then wrap up the remaining paste in some cling film so it doesn't dry up, and you can reuse again at a later time.

•  Transfer your flowers onto the thin piece of foam

•  Take the rounded end of your moulding tool and press straight down on each petal

•  Once you have done this, transfer to flowers to the thick piece of foam.

•  With the round ended moulding tool, gently press the flowers centre. This should curve up all the petals slightly, creating a more ‘flower-like' effect.

•  Well done! The flowers are shaped and ready to dry. Once dry they can be keep for months in air tight containers

•  To add the small circles in the centre of the flower, you'll need some small round sprinkles, a glass of water and a clean paint brush.

•  Gently brush the centre of each flower with a tiny amount of water

•  Then press some of the sprinkles into the middle.

•  Once the water dry's, this will keep the flower centre sprinkles in place.

•  You can make as many variations of the flowers as you like, different colours and different coloured sprinkles.

Handy Tips

When using the piping bag push mainly with the palm of your hand, rather than squeezing with your fingers. To get the feel of how hard to squeeze for each technique, practice piping on a sheet of waxed paper. The size and shape of the icing depends on how hard you squeeze, as well as on the size of the opening in the tip. The more you practice, the easier the techniques will be when decorating cakes.

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